Blog Post: Articles of Interest on Women’s Rights and Human Rights

Blog Post: Articles of Interest on Women’s Rights and Human Rights

My work with Dear Laurel is all created with the empowerment of Women in mind as I consider myself as both a Feminist and a Mystical woman. My work is intended for everyone, but specifically for those who have an interest in advancing Women’s Equality and joining me to learn different ways we can continue to support and further this continued effort of social transformation.

As a child, I loved illustrated stories and I’m sure my love for the Arts began by pouring over the detailed illustrations that always told a story even without the text. I learned some antiquated messages from them though. Our fairy tales told girls that we should never stray from our path, but if we did, we could likely be saved by someone either a) burly or b) wealthy, but always handsome. We are still seeing this messaging and I fear that we are slipping backwards, unfortunately. I was privileged to be born in Canada, especially as a white woman, but even in Canada, we are far from immune to  misogyny and racism.

Telling my stories through Dear Laurel is my small but mighty contribution to work towards moving away from the harmful messaging for women and girls by telling new stories of myth and magic, with kindness always a key message. I am constantly learning and growing myself though. I know I have made many mistakes along the way, but I am proud to say I am an active participant of change open to continuously learning more on the topic of progressive and inclusive equality. When we know better, we do better.

Below are some current Canadian Government links on Women’s Rights and Human Rights. They read very well, but there is more work to be done, especially for Indigenous Women, Black Women and all marginalized people and communities in our country. I’ve included some other links I found really informative and will continue to share and add to the list If my story resonates with you and you have a similar message that is appropriate for my readers, I’d love to share your website link. I started this list in 2019 and will continue to update it. If you see anything out of date or something no longer appropriate, please contact me to let me know.

October is Women’s History Month: – If you are Canadian, you’ll know these Heritage Minutes well. Take some time to watch about some prominent Canadian Women thoughout our history.

The Famous Five secure the rights of women as persons throughout the Commonwealth (1929) –

A much deeper look into the Famous Five – Information on the very sad topic of Eugenics within this group of women that has been glossed over or just not taught – but such necessary information to know, study and work on –

Canadian Government:

“When Feminists Rule the World”, a new podcast series from the Nobel Women’s Initiative and producing partner Mediastyle

Catherine McKenna On The Power Of Fighting Back:

Gender, Place and Culture:

Emergent and divergent spaces in the Women’s March: the challenges of intersectionality and inclusion:

Mookychick – Before Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, Red Riding Hood Was a Feminist Tale:

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