Pink Full Moon

I painted this as a sort of offering for the Full Pink Moon tonight figuring it might help bestow some wonderful gifts upon us!

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Here’s a small embroidery I was trying out on felt… love the feeling of the needle going through this and will do again!

Mini moss embroidery – titled Organic Composition 1 – 2″ circle on felt #tinyart #smallart #fibreart #embroidery #moss #forest #beneathmyfeet

And lastly, while I was painting the dried tulip below, I was listening to a Design Matters Podcast with Seth Godin as the interview guest and Debbie Millman asked him what advice he can give us (those of us who are horrified with what is happening in US politics and around the world) with the daily downward spiral of news coming at us. His advice was to disconnect yourself from contempt, fear and panic and make things, based on this quote:

lauradaub_botanical_jamesmurphyquoteThis is what I do to distance myself from this and why I paint florals because they are beautiful… plain and simple… because really, there can’t be enough beauty in the world. We can always use more of it, right? 

Happy Spring!

My 3 bunches of tulips I got at Whole Foods only lasted a week, but I was able to get enough photos for painting some new pieces. Not one to want to waste, I like to save flowers as they wither, so I added them to my small collection of dried beauties. I think I will paint this soon, but I couldn’t resist using this photo on the first day of Spring!


I am still catching up with my blog! Here are a few more new pieces and will hopefully getting back to some Arts-related writing here soon too. I am loving working on these paper embroideries and hope you like them too.

Tulipa 8" * 10" Watercolour and Gold Ink on Watercolour Paper
Tulipa 8″ * 10″ Watercolour and Gold Ink on Watercolour Paper
Laura Daub - Embroidery on paper - Forest Kisses 4" * 5"
Laura Daub – Embroidery on paper – Forest Kisses 4″ * 5″
Laura Daub - Embroidery on paper -Shining Stars, Glistening Lake 4" * 5"
Laura Daub – Embroidery on paper -Shining Stars, Glistening Lake 4″ * 5″


A Quick Update

I have been ignoring my blog lately and intend to fix this… how many blogs have I read over the years that claim the same thing? Ha! I will just have to prove it! Anyways, here’s an update on what I’ve been working on through pictures. Be back soon!


IMG_1788 IMG_1805

IMG_1803 IMG_1804

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