Celebrating Women – The Inspired

Celebrating Women – Inspired

In the morning my inner voices wake with me.
They try to tell me I am not worthy
and that I should be full of shame.
I turn on the news and hear the echo.
Did you hear what she said?¬†She’s lying.
Imagine a woman speaking out like that.
You, young woman, are nothing compared to me.

Today I decide that’s enough.
I tell them they are boring. They bore me.
Blah, Blah, Blah, I say out loud and I break the silence,
I’ve had enough of you. All of you.
Piss off!

I get on with my work.
Is this all it takes? Really?
I will remember to try again tomorrow.

I am inspired and I allow it.
Creativity pours from me and I try to keep up.
Ideas emanate deep from within my soul,
and they explode out the top of my head.

In a swath of colour and by pattern and design,
They reach out for you to see the same in yourself.
Another inspired woman who for today refuses to listen,
and somehow is inspired too.

~ Laura Daub



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