DIY Blanket Stitch Wool Felt Hearts – Video Tutorial

DIY Blanket Stitch Wool Felt Hearts – Video Tutorial

Hi there! If you are a Saturday morning Cheerfully Made Saves Christmas shopper who gets one of my little DIY Blanket Stitch Wool Hearts in your tote bag (I was able to make 50!), you’ve got yourself a little kit with a needle (sorry, not the best needles from the dollar store), some embroidery thread and a wool heart with some iron-on interfacing on the back all ready for you to finish with the blanket stitch!

If you don’t have one of my little kits and you just happened to find this post, it’s really easy to make your own felted hearts with an old wool sweater that has been shrunk in the wash (ahem, we all have done it, right?). Just simply iron on some iron-on interfacing (if you’d like to have it a bit more sturdy, but actually not even necessary) and cut out some hearts. I’d suggest making a little construction paper pattern and then trace your heart image on to the back of the fabric so you can cut along the lines well.

Now here’s a video on sewing with the blanket stitch… I hope the video shows how simple it is. It might take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it can be addictive!

All the best and Happy Holidays!

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