Dear Laurel Dolls

People have been creating Art and Fine Craft with textile work over centuries as a career, to protest, comfort, heal, teach, support, clothe, keep records, hide messages, claim their voices and tell their stories. Although throughout history and to the present, women, in particular, have been pinholed into the role of homemaker and domestic seamstress, we have also been able to tell our stories through needlework by drawing and painting with threads. These skills cannot be lost or forgotten, because it is part of our history and is interwoven and ingrained in our culture.

Dear Laurel Dolls For Play Coming Soon!

I’ve been busy creating a new doll pattern – a doll for play – not just for display as with my OOAK Art Dolls. After filling bins with fabric scraps and paper patterns, I’ve nailed down a doll that I am happy with and one that can be well loved, with beautiful and soft fabrics that any adult wouldn’t mind cuddling with too (or is it just me?!). I’m so glad it is all coming together and can’t wait to share. Here’s a sneak peek:

Dear Laurel Art Dolls 2019

Creating my Art Dolls has allowed me to dream and develop an unfolding story of Dear Laurel, based on the empowered, the enlightened and the outliers who break free from the ordinary world with magic and myth, witchery and the supernatural. I am happy to offer them for sale on my website as OOAK art pieces and in the future, you just might see them as a character in one of my stories.

My Soft Sculpture Art Dolls can be posed and displayed and handed down for many years to come. Some of them are a bit fragile to be considered toys, but having been professionally trained in haute couture methods and with my work in Art and Design for many years, my handmade dolls are sewn with care and skill. As a mother and maker, I would certainly let an older child play gently with my dolls as with every single handmade doll throughout history, they can always be fixed. Art dolls are not recommended for children under 4 though, due to fragile parts and fabric/art medium that should not go into the mouths of babes.

Clothes and accessories are typically sewn onto the body and hair is permanently styled. The doll’s arms and legs have been hand-sewn on with embroidery thread. All my dolls are made with muslin, linen or cotton with poly stuffing, natural wool for hair, modern, found, recycled and vintage fabrics – mostly silks – and embellished with hand embroidery, vintage jewelry, hand-molded clay accessories and other findings. Raw edges and fraying fabrics, thread knots and visible stitching were all part of the plan and were included with artistic intent. Boots are painted with water-based paints and may fade. Gentle cleaning/dusting is recommended only when needed and you are welcome to repair her/him if ever needed. Each Art Doll’s height is listed and she can sit or stand with the assistance of a doll stand or can be hung on the wall by the threaded loop I have included on the back. My 2019 dolls so far have articulated limbs strung with beads to allow for more posing options and I have been playing with some larger dolls, as big as 3ft tall.

Dear Laurel Art Dolls 2018 – Please inquire about availability.