Free Beaded Eye Template

Free Beaded Eye Template
If you tried out the My Beading Heart Tutorial and got hooked on the art of embellishment, here’s a great next project to get some practice in. I beaded mine on my well-loved Joe Fresh denim shirt (I loooove Joe Fresh), but like the heart tutorial sample, it would also be great on a jacket, a shirt pocket, jeans, a bag or tote or use in home decor. You’ll notice I added some lines of sparkly bugle beads for added effect. 
Download the PDF and print it out. Transfer your image to your fabric using your favourite image transfer technique… my go-to is the easiest and simplest if my fabric is not too dark – using a lightbox (which is sometimes just my ipad or computer screen with the brightness turned up) or a good old fashioned sunny window and a marker. Image copyright Laura Daub. Please use this hand-drawn eye template for personal use only. Feel free to copy it onto fabrics for beading, embroidery or other art projects. Please do credit artist Laura Daub and please do link back to my website when sharing. Thank you!
This tutorial/PDF is also available on the Hello Studios website, the amazing studio where I teach my public classes in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

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