Here’s hopefully the first of many free little figure cross stitch patterns! I had a goal to make many patterns for sale inspired by my artwork, but unfortunately, every time I cross stitch seriously and/or spend too much time on the computer, I get some serious pain in my hands and arms. Sad for me for sure because I have always loved cross stitching and really enjoy making patterns. Any advice from stitchers out there would be appreciated! As you can see, I bought myself a Morgan Lap Stand – I highly recommend it and it certainly helps, but I still cannot stitch too much, or I pay for it!

The pattern is designed to be stitched on Aida cloth – 14 count. I highly recommend Aida cloth for beginner cross-stitchers because it’s much easier to understand where to cross stitch and a little easier to manage all around.

I stitched mine on a large piece of 32 ct Laguna Linen (approx 24″ * 32″ – just the size I had on hand) so I can add more figures as I design them. I recommend linen if you are an experienced cross stitcher and if you use it, your figures will end up a little smaller.

I figure once I fill up the fabric, I’ll frame it and then start another. That’s the goal, but anyone who knows me, knows I tend to move on to other projects if there’s not much interest right away. If there is a lot of interest though and I see a lot of downloads happen after I make a few free patterns, I’ll continue making them.

For the next free figure cross stitch pattern coming soon, I’ll be sure to include how many stitches I space between the two.

I used DMC threads which I highly suggest, but of course you can use other brands and switch colours if you’d like. I know it may be hard to purchase the exact threads I’ve listed with the pandemic going on.

I don’t have any instructions for you other than the number of threads to use, so I’m assuming you know a bit about cross stitching before you start. That being said, there are tons of beginner tutorials online, especially on YouTube, and this piece would be a great project for a beginner, but also a fun, quick piece for anyone who already cross stitches!

A great video on how to start and end your threads though, can be found at Like the woman in the video, I wasn’t aware of these stitches until I picked up cross stitching again after many years, and it was a game changer for me. She also covers ending a thread as well.

You’ll find the download link after the photo of the pattern below and you can see I did not use symbols in my patterns, just the colours. I hope it is simple enough to understand and follow… let me know!

And Here’s the link to download and print the Free PDF:


Enjoy and feel free to share with anyone who likes creative projects!!!


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