FREE CROSS STITCH PATTERN # 4: Little Love Bug and a Bee

FREE CROSS STITCH PATTERN # 4: Little Love Bug and a Bee

Here’s my fourth free little cross stitch pattern. Actually there’s two! a Little Love Bug AND a Bee! I cross stitched mine in green, but at some point, I may have to do the bee too. You’ll notice on the bee I added backstitches to her face to define her chin and I reversed her so she is looking the other way. You’ll notice I left out the wings on my cross stitch. It’s because I’m already on to designing the next cross stitch figure! You can decide how you’d like to cross stitch yours of course and what you want to include or omit. On that note, I do use DMC threads that I have on hand and I do include a colour key in my patterns, but feel free to use any colours or threads you’d like or have in your own stash.

If you’re new to this little project of mine, please see my first post for details on how to get started.

See my second and third posts to see how I space my figures out.

And here is how I have spaced my rows out, just in case you are making a grid of figures like me. Basically, I am centering the figures by lining up the center of the figures, if that makes sense.

Finally, here are the two FREE pattern downloads!

Have fun and let me know if you have any issues.

~ Laura

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