Happy Fall Equinox!

Happy Fall Equinox!

Although the weather here in Ottawa is feeling more and more like the summer we never had, I am welcoming Fall 2017 with open arms. It might be that I was born in October, but Fall has always been my favourite season and for me it signifies new beginnings as the New Year might for others. Personally, it is a time of renewal and with the cooler, crisp air coming soon, it brings on a new freshness of ideas, heightened energy and motivation. I hope you feel this positive transformation as well.


Learn the Art of Making Beautiful Mandalas – like the picture above – as a unique form of meditation, to reduce stress and anxiety and build a deeper connection with your creative soul.

5 – 20 participants
2 – 3 hour workshop
All Supplies are included
I teach this out of a studio in Ottawa as well as at your location (home or office) –
A Studio/Boardroom/Classroom/large table is needed with seating for each participant
30 min set up and 15 min cleanup needed
Starts at $60 per participant – travel costs may be applicable

I am available to teach this workshop during the daytime or evenings and weekends!
Please do contact me if you’re interested and please do feel free to share my workshop to people who you think might enjoy it. I not only teach this to private groups, but I am also actively promoting it to corporations and organizations who see the benefits in fostering an emotionally healthy workplace with this hands-on creative and stress-free Arts workshop… I am always grateful for referrals!

Please do use this FREE Fall Equinox Mandala image to download to your desktop or home screen for your device. Just right-click and save for your personal use!

All the best,


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