Iconic Women – Free Cross Stitch figures coming up

Iconic Women – Free Cross Stitch figures coming up

If you’ve been following along with my blog, you’ll know I’ve been designing sweet little cross stitch figures patterns. The cross stitch design program I’m using allows me to turn my patterns into previews as if they’re stitched on cloth, so instead of waiting until I finish cross stitching each figure to share my patterns, I might be able to share them this way much more quickly. Let me know what you think!

Also I may start a new piece of fabric for Iris, because I’m thinking I may start a new series of Iconic Women, like the one and only Iris Apfel! They will continue to be free patterns too, of course! I find needlework like this to be relaxing and good for my mental health. Working on all types of textile projects got me through some difficult times in the past, so that’s why I’m sharing this fun project for free. It’s for anyone who might like a head, heart and hands-on fine craft project like this to get through this pandemic thing we’ve got going on.

We’re in the home stretch!

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