Intuitive Arts Workshops

Exploring Self Awareness, Mindfulness,
Mental Health & Wellness and Intuitive Development through Arts and Creativity

Absolutely no previous artistic skills are necessary in any of my workshops and for those with experience, they are the perfect opportunity to let go of technique and perfection and allow your creative intuitive voice to gently guide you and help you learn to listen from within.

I am based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but do travel. Workshops are perfect for Spiritual, Yoga and Personal Development Retreats as well as Professional Development for progressive businesses. Small Group and Private Lessons are also available at my central Ottawa location or yours!
Workshops start at $60 per person and are approx 3 hours in length. Please contact me for more information.

Intuitive Arts: Making MandalasLaura Daub Meditative Arts Mandala Workshoplauradaub_2017mandalaworkshop
Learn the Art of Making Beautiful Mandalas as a unique form of meditation, to reduce stress and anxiety and build a deeper connection with your creative soul.
Intuitive Arts: Drawing and Patterning
Take the calming and meditative benefits of Adult Colouring to the next level and learn to create beautiful drawings using different patterning and techniques in this stress-free workshop.
Intuitive Arts: Creative Hand Embroidery
By learning time-honoured hand embroidery stitches it is easy to quiet your mind and allow yourself to feel at peace and connected. In this workshop you will start your very own contemporary moss embroidery. Once you have a few basic stitches and techniques down, there is no limit as to what you can do to create your own modern Intuitive Works of Art.
Intuitive Arts: Vision Boards
Making a Vision board not only creates an illustrated representation of your hopes, dreams and goals, the simple act of spending this sacred time on defining your dreams through visualization sends a powerful message to your Self and to the Universe. This creative and inspirational board can be reviewed daily to affirm your path to reach your dreams, to strengthen your goals and call into action the steps to take for living your ideal life.

Intuitive and Meditative Arts for Soul Brothers and Sisters, the Mindful and the Sensitive, the Magic Makers, Mystics and Spiritual Warriors, Creative Rebels and Troublemakers, the Healing and the Healers.