My Village – Setting Intentions for a Beautiful Life

My Village – Setting Intentions for a Beautiful Life

I wrote the manifesto/affirmation below about a week before discovering cancer in my breast 3 Augusts ago. After all my treatments is when I felt I lost many friendships and only just recently felt like I am able to see if re-connections are possible. I’m not sure if it was just me pushing them away or maybe I have been too much for them… I don’t know. Critical illness is a funny thing and I suppose we all handle things differently… not surprisingly though… as an artistic introvert, I went inside myself deeper and isolated myself as I have done since childhood. It’s not a bad thing, or as bad as it sounds when I write it? In fact, I have always reveled in my solitude and creativity. My own version of hygge I suppose.

I am one of the truly lucky ones though to have a few very close friends who are always there for me when I need them, and me for them, no questions asked,┬ábut it’s too easy to forget I need to make an effort to be part of a larger community to really thrive. And thrive I must do.

My Village

I have surrounded myself with a beautiful village of like-minded people. They are my tribe, my sisters and my brothers. I admire them, I learn from them and I am on a journey alongside them. Some may be further along in the awakening of their Self, but they do not feel superior. They are truly empathetic and supportive.

My path is complete with past traditions and beliefs and I know that they are there for me to embrace and uphold, when and if I so choose. I am aware that I am able to build on my own beliefs and values for myself and with my loved ones. I choose my own rituals for my growth with encouragement from my tribe.

I honour their enriching knowledge with mindful love and acceptance.

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