Needlework Workshops

Learning Traditional Needlework as Contemporary Art:

People have been using Art and Craft over centuries as a career, to protest, comfort, heal, teach, support, clothe, keep records, hide messages, claim their voices and tell their stories. These skills cannot be lost or forgotten, because it is part of our history and is interwoven and ingrained in our culture.

All people are welcome to participate and no previous skills are necessary for all my workshops.

Please join me for scheduled classes below or book me for a weekday private or semi-private class at any time! I also teach these classes at schools and public events – museums, festivals, community and cultural events that have a connection to Needle Arts.

Modern Embroidery and Beading – Monogram Workshop – 3 – 3 1/2 hour workshop

Learn how to make a Modern Embroidered Monogram using some basic traditional stitches and techniques with embroidery and beading. In this workshop you will get a great start on your very own contemporary monogram and be able to finish it at home.

Please inquire about booking this class.

Learn to Crochet Workshop – 5 hour workshop

Join me for an introduction to crochet using basic but beautiful stitches!

Please inquire about booking this class.

 Needle Felting Workshop – 5 hour workshop

A workshop just because who doesn’t think a felt mouse isn’t adorable?! Seriously!
Please join me to learn the basics of needlefelting over a handmade armature.

  Please inquire about booking this class.

Cross Stitch Workshop – 3 hour workshop to full day workshop

Cross stitching is easy to learn for people of all ages and is the oldest form of embroidery. In this workshop students learn how to use counted cross stitch patterns to create a modern-day sampler based on traditional cross stitch samplers from the past. This is a fun class for a variety of ages, from 8 years old and up.

Please inquire about booking this class.

Embroidery Workshop – 3 hour workshop to full day workshop

Learn time-honoured hand embroidery stitches in this Embroidered Floral Workshop. Once you have a few basic stitches and techniques down, there is no limit as to what you can do to create your own modern embroideries.

Please inquire about booking this class.