Perfection – Imposter Brownies

Perfection – Imposter Brownies

Imposter Brownies

As I mature, fabulously btw, gone are the days where perfection rules.
Especially now though, after going through a threatening illness and it’s treatments.

When I vacuum this old house that I live in, I notice all the imperfections. There’s no getting them to look clean. It doesn’t matter though. No one sees the nicks and scuffs on the beautiful old gumwood baseboards and trim everywhere. They just notice the nice things. Like the beautiful old windows and the stained glass, my artwork all over the house and the sunshine flowing in at just the right time of day.

They notice the things that are important to me and the hints that tell a story about me and my family and how we live.

As an artist and designer of products, I believe wholeheartedly that yes, it is OK to value your things, and not just experiences as all the latest social media posts tell us we should want to live the happiest life. Yay my things!

One piece of advice I learned from my grandmother that I stuck with me for some reason was whenever entertaining was to purchase a tray of pre-made brownies and cut them with a butter knife, not a sharp knife. It’ll give them messy edges and people will think they are homemade.

Honestly, I am pretty sure my grandmother’s advice was only meant to be a Good Housekeeping type of tip.
Maybe it went deeper than that but it doesn’t matter.
Like her imposter brownies, I like my messy edges.

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