Textile Art – Artist Growth

Textile Art – Artist Growth

As a wannabe writer and probably because I am uneducated as one, my first inclination was to write a long meandering post all about my journey to find myself as a Textile Artist. Instead, I will save that for a little later when I am able to succinctly put together an artist’s statement and continue the transition of my website to reflect this focus. There is a method behind this change in direction and it has been a surprisingly long and uphill climb with so many deterrents and distractions to get here, including a serious illness thrown in there, but yeah, it is what it is and probably a very typical story. I know I am not alone on this path! It has been a lifetime and several years of openly sharing my “new work” (oh my God – so much trial and error – and so openly I have dreams of exposing myself –  yup – totally naked in front of crowds of people dreams – you have no idea – all while knowing it’s silly to think that people are even wondering about your path – but anyways) so if you are new here, you have been spared some of these growing pains. If you are not, I thank you for sticking with me and watching my learning (and hopefully growth) unfold. I am slowly letting go of older work that doesn’t lend itself to my long term goals. This is the hardest part in my transition, but necessary for me to move forward. I have always admired artists who have a focus and a non-wavering cohesiveness to their work, but I realize now that I didn’t see all the years of effort put in beforehand where they were perhaps just like me jumping from one thing to another and learning about art and learning about themselves.

Whoops, I meandered a bit. Ok, maybe a lot.

Here are two sample pieces. Not the best photos, so I should make my Hack Photographer husband a nice dinner and get him on the job. I am not yet sure how I want to frame my new work… that will be the next learning curve.

Happy Friday to you!


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