Blog Post: An Artist’s Life – The Mystic Muse

Blog Post: An Artist’s Life – The Mystic Muse

I wanted to write today about having a Mystic Muse. I’ll try to be succinct with my words, but usually, that’s hard for me, not being a trained writer. So, forgive me if I blather on. I’m trying to keep up myself with the messages running through my head and get it all down here. I will lose it if I don’t, just as in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk from many years ago now (2009! wow!), My Creative Elusive Genius. I’ve written about this talk several times if you’ve followed me over the years and I still watch it every once in awhile.

I had every intention to work solely on the new black and white piece that I’ve included in this post. It’s a painting that’s been brewing around in my thoughts for a few days – that’s usually the way it works. I’m excited about it. I started drawing it yesterday, got the hard part of the drawing done and knowing I will enjoy the rest of the drawing process, I was on a roll this morning, and I even considered writing a post about how I painted the face first, before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the doll house I’m about to draw in her skirt, because if I screw up the most important feature, the woman’s face, the whole painting would be ruined. All the hard work of drawing the rest would just be a lot of time wasted. I thought this would be a good tip for others working with inks or perhaps watercolours, especially for beginners in this medium.

But then I felt the familiar voice of my own artistic creative muse. I have written about this muse of mine before, but never purposely gave her a name until I realized that the name I was choosing for my doll work and my more mystical art, Dear Laurel, was really, just that.

Her full name is actually The Laurel Mystic. When I am wondering about something in a creative way, I can ask the question. Dear Laurel, almost like writing a letter to her to ask her thoughts on life, work, art, etc. When I do this, she never fails to give me a wise answer. That’s why when I write anything with a mystical tone to it, I note the writing with the moniker ~ Dear Laurel.

She’s my muse. Separate from me. Separate from my ego. Separate from the words in my head that try to keep me safe in my own little world, feeling safe from criticism and judgement from those who do not want to believe in the magic our lives can bring us. People ask me constantly where I get my ideas. I tell them they just come to me and it is true, but really, I do like to think that my ideas actually come from this muse of mine. They come to me easily and without thinking. Whole paintings pop into my head and usually within in seconds I fill in the details. This happens with things I write as well.

I want to show people that there is great value in life to tearing down the walls that they put up when they grew up and were told not to believe in magic anymore.  I want to share that there is value in allowing ourselves to believe in even the tiniest of magical things that happen around us each and every day.

Listening to the magic of your muse is how those epic songs that transport you to a memorable moment in your life are written, it’s how certain artworks can make you cry for seemingly no reason at all and how perhaps a book, a movie or even a short poem can resonate with you and stick with you for a lifetime.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
― Roald Dahl

If you find yourself reading this because somewhere you found this by clicking on a link on Instagram, or maybe it was sent to you by a friend who thought my writing would resonate with you, or maybe because you are feeling attracted to my artwork and feel it is speaking to you in some way,

It’s because it IS.

My Art is created to show little snippets of magic and myth and that is making a connection
to your authentic creative spirit.

Perhaps my Art is kicking up some of your own feelings of magic and wonder in your life.
Perhaps it’s your own waking muse, your own elusive creative genius, dusting off the cobwebs
putting on a crown or maybe even a witch hat like mine!
Your muses are ready to work with you the moment you say “Go”.

I’d be happy to share some more of my secrets on how to set yourself up to get your inspiration and ideas to flow effortlessly through you too in future posts if there seems to be any interest!

And with that, I’ll sign off for now,

Laura, and yes ~ Dear Laurel

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