Welcome to the World of Dear Laurel

Welcome to the World of Dear Laurel

Witches come together
to honour and speak to the moon.
They know the tides of oceans and rivers
run through them, as they do with you.
They walk among us. They are people just like us,
but they call to Mother Earth to fulfill their purpose.
Witches are magical because they see through fakery and foul.
They wish on shooting stars.
Wise Witches become Wise Crones.

The Gnomes convene and make their plans
to ensure our animals and forests are safe and sound.
They are the most dependable and loyal of all beings.
They carry tools of magic in their aprons,
ready to assist all living things from microbe to mammal.
If you ever see a Gnome in trouble
you must do your very best to help them.
Folklore has it that to befriend a Gnome is the luckiest friendship
as we all ultimately aspire to be like them.

Fairies, Faerie, or Fae, are the most elusive mythical beings,
As they can and do travel through multiple worlds.
If you catch a glimpse of a Fairy you can be guaranteed
good fortune for a thousand years,
but do not disturb their otherworldly work.
They are busy trying to convey the wise words of our ancestors.
Our job is trying to decipher which is what and what is which.
Their messages can be difficult to decipher with humour and wit,
not to mention, Fair Folk can be mischievous at times.

~ Laura Daub

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