Book Me for a Workshop!

I have taught Arts Workshops for many years and although I no longer pursue teaching these classes, I am occasionally asked to and do say yes when I can! I am based in Ottawa, Ontario, but can travel to teach. I have taught private classes, corporate training for Meditative Arts and Creativity, classes at schools, after schol programs and public events – museums, festivals, community and cultural events. No previous skills are necessary for any of my workshops.

Please contact me for more details and for a quote. Please note, my pricing follows the CARFAC/RAAV Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule. Full payment is due upon booking.

The workshops below are for adults (recommended for ages 13+). 

Weaving Workshop – Warp and Weft 101 – 4 or 6-hour workshop

If you have never done weaving before, prepare to shout it out to the world that you created such a beautiful masterpiece of textile art and then run home to find every bit of yarn, scrap material, and embellishment that could make up your next tapestry. Then, get on your hiking boots to forage for natural materials to incorporate into more weavings. Seriously. It is THAT addictive!

Meditative Arts Workshop: Making Mandalas – 4 or 6-hour workshop

Learn the Art of Making Beautiful Mandalas as a unique form of meditation, to reduce stress and anxiety and build a deeper connection with your creative soul.