Meditative Arts Workshops

Arts for Wellness Workshops

I am based and teach out of a studio in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, but do travel. Workshops are perfect for Mind, Body and Soul Retreats, community groups, private classes, as well as for people in any helping field wanting to teach others Meditative Arts and for progressive corporations who would like to foster an emotionally healthy workplace with a hands-on creative and stress-free Workplace Wellness initiatives. Absolutely no previous artistic skills are necessary in any of my workshops.

Meditative Arts Workshop: Making Mandalas – 1, 3 or 5-hour workshop

Learn the Art of Making Beautiful Mandalas as a unique form of meditation, to reduce stress and anxiety and build a deeper connection with your creative soul.

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Meditative Arts Workshop: Drawing and Patterning – 1 or 3-hour workshop

We have all heard about Adult Colouring and there is no doubt that this craze was just what was needed in our stressful and somewhat tumultuous times… doing something creative and meditative is the perfect activity to connect from within and to feel peaceful and calm. Take the benefits of Adult Colouring to the next level and learn to create beautiful drawings (doodles) using different patterning and techniques in this stress-free workshop. Be prepared to be impressed with what you can accomplish creatively…  no previous artistic skills are needed!

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Meditative Arts Workshop: Train the Trainer – Community Studies Professionals – 2-day workshop

Developed and facilitated by Professional Artist and Instructor, Laura Daub, this One Day Workshop or two-day Retreat Workshop was designed for people in any helping field wanting to incorporate Meditative Arts into their practice that goes well beyond adult colouring books. Participants require no artistic experience and will learn how to confidently and skillfully teach Meditative Drawing and Patterning (Zen Doodles) and Mandala Designs using minimal supplies.  Curriculum includes learning effective methods for teaching Meditative Arts Patterning, maximizing creative inspiration, sourcing materials and designs including the importance of adhering to artistic copyright laws and a practice training session module to complete the workshop. The Two Day Retreat Workshop includes practice on other materials – rocks, leaves and further instruction and practice.

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