Blog Post: Mystical Sisters

Blog Post: Mystical Sisters

Mystical Sisters – 16″ * 42″ acrylics and inks, unframed on paper

Two Mystics. A Sisterly Bond. There’s no need for the sisters to speak aloud, because they know what the other is feeling. They are aware of the heart-crushing enormity of the world’s pain at this moment in time, but like their ancestors before them, they have the knowledge that this is a path that must be walked on to be able to see any progress. They are here to comfort the viewer and to convey their confidence that we will be able to move forward. ~Dear Laurel

Dear Laurel

Dear Laurel, a wise Mystic, represents a woman who resonates with my soul.
My musings are written through her enlightened eyes.

I search for empowered women through family lineage
and stories of other strong women in our past history that inspire me.

I search for an ancestor who would have perhaps been considered a Suffragette, or some semblance of one,
possible great-great-great-grandmothers who could have been mistaken for Witches, Healers, Magical Women, Mystics.

I search in my Grand Dames heritage home for the ghosts of women who were Artists and Outliers, like I am today.

Women who believe in a World of Magic and the Power of Wonder, Courage and Strength.

I search with hope to find these mystics who were in power of their own destiny
and those who had a will strong enough to stand up against misogyny and patriarchy
as I believe to be, again, of the upmost importance today.

Digital Download Prints of this painting are available in my Shop.

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