The Path of a Mother – Ancestral Art Commissions

Hand-sewn textiles using hand-me down jewelry –  bits and bobs from the women who had such a huge impact on our lives.

If you are like myself and so many women I know, we have cherished, yet perhaps dated jewelry pieces from our mother/grandmother/aunt/women of importance unfortunately hidden away in jewelry boxes in the bottom drawers of our dressers. I have designed a beautiful and contemporary way to honour these pieces and turn them into a stunning piece of artwork, not to mention a great conversation piece for many years to come. I would be honoured to create a piece of Ancestral Art for you. Please contact me for information.

Although my stitches are hidden, they are hand sewn with purpose and with meaning. I am emulating the different paths mothers take in raising their children, whether by design or by chance, sometimes so full of love, joy and happiness that it takes your breath away and sometimes perhaps even heartbreaking. It may be a straightforward path for some, but not for all. As this series progresses, I will soon stitch on the right side to expose my representation of the vulnerability in allowing our paths, through all of our triumphs and also our struggles, because each and every mother has both, to play out in the open, without judgement or malice. My intent is to show the innate strength that can be mustered up when needed and especially when our paths as mothers are recognized, acknowledged and embraced.