About Laura

A life-long passion with Artistic Expression led me to my formal education and practice as a Designer, including Fashion Design, Illustration and Multimedia Design, and years of experience working in Art and Design in Adult Education led me to a life dedicated to life as a Visual Artist.

I am currently working on a few different projects as is usual – Daily Creative Paintings–  a personal prompt and commitment to be creative everyday, House Portrait Commissions and large contemporary paintings usually of flowers whenever I can.

As a recent breast cancer survivor – my story – I can also add that my art practice has been what I would call one of my life savers as I have been recovering. As well, I admit that my illness and treatments in the last couple of years allowed for a renewed and deep sense of commitment to my artwork, a confident boldness and unwavering determination to continually move forward with my artwork, despite any obstacles or limitations that may come my way.


Visual Artist