Intuitive Living

A Beautiful Life Inside and Out

As someone who has embraced life as a Highly Sensitive Person, I work with people on their inherent need to create or enhance the positive energy in their lives; the energy that surrounds them and the energy from within.

I offer Intuitive Readings using Tarot cards to help pinpoint any possible external or self-imposed limitations, influence a better balance of energy of Self, live more intuitively and trust in your Sixth Sense.

I also teach others through workshops on how to live more intuitively and how to balance the adverse energy influences that may be preventing them from living an ideally balanced life.

As an Artist and Designer, I intuitively grow with my life-long vision of honing my craft, as a painter, sculptor and maker of pretty little things.

I believe ALL people can learn to tap into their sixth sense and balance the energy in their lives, by taking an active role in allowing positive energy to dominate and influence their environment, in living in beauty and in protecting themselves from internal and external negative energy and influences. All that is required is a positive attitude and a willingness to work with the extra-ordinary that exists within you.

I am based in Toronto, Ontario and my Intuitive Readings and Workshops are offered at your location. Travel is always welcomed.

Intuitive Living : A Beautiful Life Inside and Out