A life-long passion with Artistic Expression led me to a formal education in Fashion Design and Multimedia Design. My training, combined with years of practice, have led me to a creatively rewarding life dedicated to Design and Visual Arts. Watercolour and Textile Arts are my chosen mediums at the moment, but creating is just what I do and what I have always done to navigate through life. Writing is also a passion that I continue to explore in relation to my work as a Visual Artist. I look forward to seeing where that might take me and I am open to all possibilities.

Laura Daub – Embroidery Landscapes – Traverse

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Since 2000, I have worked in Adult Education, as a Part-time Professor in Multi-Media Arts, as an Arts Program Coordinator and in Program Development/Academic Management at the college level and have been honoured to teach Private Arts Workshops to people of all ages since, in designing myself a passionate career in Arts and Design. After a serious illness and treatment in 2014-2015, my creativity soared and my continued purpose in sharing my skills as a Professional Artist became even more important to me. I now have a focus on teaching Meditative Arts Workshops for Corporate Groups, Train the Trainer in Helping Professions and for the public, all specializing in Meditative Arts and with helping people awaken to pursue their creative genius through drawing, painting and embroidery.

I also teach a variety of specialized classes and portfolio development for all ages during weekdays in traditional drawing and illustration, painting in most mediums, hand-sculpting air-dry clay, calligraphy fundamentals, textile arts – hand-sewing, embroidery and basic crochet, decoupage, collage and more.

Laura Daub – Making Mandalas Workshop