About Laura

As an Artist and Designer, I’ve dabbled in everything artistic for most of my life, always feeling that I did a pretty good service to whatever medium I was learning, but nothing quite captured my full attention and focus, until I finally listened to the gentle nudges of what has now become Dear Laurel. This current work combines pretty much everything I want to convey to the world through Art and Fine Craft.

I studied Fashion Design using Haute Couture methods and that’s why the perfection of details of my dolls are important to me. I studied in Multimedia/New Media Design and Design related to Home Decor, so that’s where my love of setting the scene with dioramas and my illustration work come into play. My lifelong love and obsession with all things Myth and Magic and really anything supernatural, as well as a passion for Feminist messaging of Women and Girl’s Empowerment are incorporated into my work with deeper meaning than I could ever convey with words.

The Laurel Witch – Little Witches – Little Witches In Towne – 6″ * 6″ – original watercolour on gallery wood panel with sides painted gold