Beautiful Living

A Beautiful Life Inside and Out

As someone who has embraced life as a Highly Sensitive Person, I share my interests with like-minded people on their inherent need to create or enhance the positive and beautiful energy in their lives; the energy that surrounds them and the energy from within.

For many years, I have been immersed in the study of Art and Design with Intuitive Living and Life Energy in relation to my environment and the impact that beauty – what I consider beautiful to me – has on it. I have come to understand that with my innate sensitivity to my environment, I am able to positively influence the energy flowing to and from people, places and things.

As an Artist/Artisan and Designer, I intuitively grow with my life-long vision of honing my craft, as a painter, sculptor and maker of beautiful things.

I am based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but blog about Art, Design and Intuitive Living from all over the world.

Intuitive Living : A Beautiful Life Inside and Out