Laura Daub


About Laura

A life-long passion with Artistic Expression led me to years of formal training and a focused dedication to my craft as a maker. Painting, Collage/Assemblage and Textile Arts are currently my chosen mediums. My passion for self awareness and intuitive development – My Soul Work – has been of equal importance to my artistic work for several years, but only after an accelerated period of unexpectedly rapid creative growth after I was diagnosed with cancer and the treatments that went along with it, did I feel like I have been able to find a good balance in melding both aspects together to fully form my life’s work. It is my goal to teach the creative tools I have developed to others who are also navigating their own life’s path, whatever it may be.

Intuitive and Meditative Arts for Soul Brothers and Sisters, the Mindful and the Sensitive, the Magic Makers, Mystics and Spiritual Warriors, Creative Rebels and Troublemakers, the Healing and the Healers.