About Laura

My Art

I have devoted my life to both learning and working in Art and Design. My formal training is in Fashion Design with an emphasis on Haute Couture methods and a love for Fashion Illustration, as well as in Multimedia Design and Interior Design.

My lifelong obsession with Mystical and Magical storytelling and a passion for messages of Women’s Strength and Empowerment sometimes inspires me to write stories to accompany my work. I’m currently concentrating on Dear Laurel Art Dolls & Rag Dolls & selling Printable Illustrations of my work in my shop. 

My Writing

Dear Laurel, a wise Mystic, represents a woman who resonates with my soul. My musings are written through her enlightened eyes.

I search for empowered women through family lineage
and stories of other strong women in our past history that inspire me.

I search for an ancestor who would have perhaps been considered a Suffragette, or some semblance of one, possible great-great-great-grandmothers who could have been mistaken for Witches, Healers, Magical Women, Mystics.

I search in my Grand Dames heritage home for the ghosts of women who were Artists and Outliers, like I am today.

Women who believe in a World of Magic and the Power of Wonder, Courage and Strength.

I search with hope to find these mystics who were in power of their own destiny and those who had a will strong enough to stand up against misogyny and patriarchy as I believe to be, again, of the upmost importance today.