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Daily Creative – Finishing up my biggest watercolour to date – in size and in my pursuit to realize some big goals as an artist. My husband came home yesterday and said he was glad I didn’t give up on this one… oh there was no way I was going to… it was just sitting there for a week on the table because I was intimidated of what it represents for me! Anyways, I’m almost done and soon I will go about looking into gallery submissions for the first time ever, now that I feel ready!

Wish me luck.

Here’s a portion of my large piece:


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Daily Creative: Do Arts Matter?

As a Canadian in the Arts, a bit removed from the US Election, but still reeling from the implications and already seeing some immature, yet scary voices of intolerance and hate trickle, no, bombard it’s way into our nation’s capital, I sat in awe of SNL on Saturday night, knowing without a doubt, that their opening scene would have an effect on their President Elect, knowing it would not go without comment, again.

Alec Baldwin and SNL had such an effect on Donald Trump that he could not refrain himself from voicing his disapproval again to the world on the social media platform, Twitter. He continues to be impacted even though he is now the actual President Elect of the United States. The cast of Hamilton also got a rise out of him this past week when they spoke from the heart on stage after their theatre production. These two performances and the emotions they evoked from the US President Elect travelled around the world… in a New York minute (psst, I don’t really exactly know what a New York minute is, I think I do, but it sounds cool). Trying to put politics aside, I ruminated on the sheer weight of the effect a comedy skit on tv, and on stage at a theatre performance earlier in the week, could have on people, even those in powerful positions and their supporters. Just look at the effect they can have! Amazing.

The Arts have always played a huge role in our lives, whether through Visual Arts, Dramatic Arts, Literary Arts, Dance and Music and  there is no better way to share ideas, thoughts, opinions, open conversation, explore empathy and communication and in trying to understand each other, discover and celebrate our diversity and humanity. The impact and importance of all Arts forms are global and are relevant in all countries, cultures and societies. This is absolutely nothing new. The sheer importance the Arts have played throughout history and currently, can not ever be diminished and certainly never will be stopped with a tweet. In reality, some do try to silence the creative and some have gone to great lengths to do so, unfortunately, but this is not a battle that should be fought.

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

As a Visual Artist and Illustrator, I am often asked “Are there any jobs in the Arts though?”, usually coming from parents who worry about their artsy children not being able to get a job. I’ve heard all the arguments and I get the worry, and I have a whole huge (pronounced “yuge?” ha!) list of “jobs” out there for creative people that I can provide these parents with to help alleviate the fears, but I also have a list of questions I send back to them to consider that maybe their child may just be okay if they dive head first into the Arts – whether or not they are Alec Baldwin big, or perhaps just playing a smaller role in making clothes for a large designer company. I will share this list in another blog post with you soon here… but the one most important question related to the Arts-related current events in my post is:

How can we not think Art Matters?

Ever Creative,

Laura Daub

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