About Laura

A life-long passion with Creativity and Artistic Expression led me to my formal education and practice in the the field of Design, including Fashion Design, Illustration and Multimedia Design, along with years of experience working in Art and Design and Adult Education.

I am currently working on large abstract paintings and also practice daily with small works on paper.  My passion for bright and bold colours is reflected in my work where I am able to truly express the array of emotions I feel deeply. My artwork has been an unwavering constant in my life and I am thankful to continue to grow and learn with my practice as the years go by.

As an Arts Educator I offer Arts and Creativity Workshops called Where the Magic Happens! to businesses who see value in supporting their people in exploring individual and team creativity through Visual Arts.

Once in awhile, I offer Friday Paint Nights - a night out painting in a fun and relaxed atmosphere where I get to share my passion with great groups of people in a small, private and intimate setting.

Artist and Arts Educator – Arts Through Adversity