Laura Daub

Canadian Artist

I work mostly with watercolours and metallic inks, enjoying to paint both small work and large-scale contemporary florals. If you asked me why I have chosen to currently focus on painting florals, my answer is simple. Beauty. There is not enough of it in our world today. If someone experiences a burst of emotion evoking a beautiful memory or a sense of warmth, love, peace or calm in having one of my paintings in their space, then my life’s work is worth it.  

A life-long passion with Artistic Expression led me to my formal education as a Designer, including Haute Couture Fashion Design, Illustration and Multimedia Design, combined with years of practice has led me to a rewarding career dedicated to Visual Arts.

Please feel free to inquire about my Artwork at anytime. I am currently selling the work in my Gallery privately, but I am about to actively look for representation.

My Volunteer Work
I am available to facilitate a Free Arts Workshop for the employees of both Non-Profit and For Profit Organizations in the Ottawa area on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


Canadian Artist