About Laura

A life-long passion in creative and artistic expression led me to my post-secondary education and practice in the the field of Design, including Fashion Design and Multimedia Design, along with years of experience working in Art and Design in Adult Education.

Honouring my creative nature and my passion for the Arts allows me to balance my own energy, uniqueness and joy and I strive to reflect this positive energy in my artwork.

Though there have been many times in my life where I have been sidetracked, whether in raising children, taking on a job, new business ideas or more recently, immersed in my story of coping with breast cancer, my artwork has been an unwavering constant in my life and I am thankful to continue to grow and learn with my practice daily.

I am currently working on large floral paintings and Canadian landscapes and also practice daily with small works on paper. Although my wardrobe consists of wearing mostly black, dating back to my education in fashion design, my passion for bright and bold colours bursts into my work and along with the earthy subject matter I choose, I am able to truly express the vast array of emotions I feel deeply.

As an Arts Educator and cancer survivor, I also offer my new service Arts Through Adversity for those who would like to explore the benefits of artistic creative expression through illness, injury or adversity of any kind.

Artist and Arts Educator – Arts Through Adversity