For many years, I have been immersed in the study of Art and Design with Intuitive Living and Life Energy in relation to my environment and the impact that beauty – what I consider beautiful to me – has on it. I have come to understand that with my innate sensitivity to my environment, I am able to positively influence the beautiful energy flowing to and from people, places and things.

A life-long interest in creative expression led me to my post-secondary education and practice in the the field of Design, including Fashion Design, Multimedia Design, Home Styling and a personal interest in the basic principles of Feng Shui, along with years of experience working in Creative Arts and Design in Adult Education.
Honouring my artistic nature and my passion for design allows me to balance my own energy, creativity, uniqueness and joy, and I strive to reflect this positive energy in my artwork, the design of my home life and work life and the energy I have within.

With study and practice, I learned to tap into my innate ability to interpret the effects of negative and positive energy and influence the energy around me by assessing and shifting my own energy by keeping grounded and calm. I learned how to create a life of balance with beauty and creativity, which allows me to live a much happier life.

As an Artisan and Designer, I intuitively grow with my life-long vision of honing my craft, as a painter, sculptor and maker of beautiful things.

Intuitive Living : A Beautiful Life Inside and Out