Textile Arts, Art Dolls, Painting and Arts Education

My passion for Artistic Expression led me to a formal education in Fashion Design using Haute Couture methods and in Multi-media Design. Both my training and years of practice have led me to a creatively rewarding life dedicated to Design and Visual Arts. My focus is on Textile Arts, with a culmination of bits and pieces and techniques and style from other mediums I have immersed myself in at different points in the past, but I do still love painting with watercolours and fluid acrylics as well and find myself pulled to that every once in a while.

I have worked in Arts Education in some form or another for the better part of 18 years, starting as a Part-time Professor in Multi-Media Arts, then as an Arts Program Coordinator and in Program Development/Academic Management at the college level. For the last 10 years though, I have been honoured to work as an Arts Educator teaching Private Arts Workshops to people of all ages. I feel extremely blessed to have designed myself a continued career in Arts and Design, but along with many other artists and designers, the Art of Designing a Life as an Artist is really just what we have to do, isn’t it?

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Dear Laurel Art Doll – Ingrid