About Laura

About Laura

I have devoted my life to both learning and working in Art and Design. My formal training is in Fashion Design with an emphasis on Haute Couture methods, and also in Multimedia Design and Home Design. In Fine Arts, I have worked with many different mediums and do love painting – watercolour being my favourite – but find my current textile-based work allows me to portray everything I want to share with the world through Art and Fine Craft. My lifelong obsession with Mythical and Magical storytelling and a passion for Feminist messaging of Women’s Strength and Empowerment sometimes inspires me to write stories to accompany my work.

In Search of a Suffragette ~ My Laurel Tree

Dear Laurel represents my search for empowered women through my family lineage
as well as stories of other women and their ancestors that inspire me.

I am searching for other women who I both liken myself to and women who I aspire to be like.
I am a grown woman but will always be open to learning from other women, ALL women,
both older and younger than myself and inclusive of womxn identifying individuals.

I search for an ancestor who would have perhaps been considered a suffragette, or some semblance of one,
possible great-great-great-grandmothers who could have been mistaken for Witches, Healers, Magical Women, Mystics
and perhaps even Queens who were in power,
but probably, and more likely, women who were just like me –
Women whose mighty voices have been stifled by others who refuse to dive deep into their own.

I search for someone like me.
Someone who believes in a World of Magic and the Power of Wonder,
Courage and Strength.

I search with hope to find these mythical women
who were in power of their own destiny
and those who had a will strong enough to stand up
against misogyny and patriarchy
as I believe to be, again,
of the upmost importance today.