About Laura

A life-long passion with Artistic Expression led me to my formal education and practice as a Designer, including Fashion Design, Illustration and Multimedia Design, and years of experience working in Art and Design in Adult Education led me to a life dedicated to life as a Visual Artist.

I am currently working on large contemporary floral paintings.  My passion for bright and bold colours is reflected in my work where I am able to truly express the array of emotions I feel deeply.

If you asked me why I have chosen to focus on painting florals, and now foraging into landscapes with gardens, my answer is quite simple. Beauty. My answer is beauty. There is not enough of it in our world today.

If someone walks by one of my paintings in their home and in looking at it, experiences even a short burst of emotion evoking beauty, love, inner peace or calm, in the moment and for many years into the future, then my life’s work is well worth it.

As a recent breast cancer survivor – my story – I can also add that my art practice has been what I would call one of my life savers as I have been recovering. As well, I might admit that my illness and treatments in the last couple of years allowed for a renewed and deep sense of commitment to my artwork, a confident boldness and unwavering determination to continually move forward with my practice, despite any obstacles or limitations that may come my way.


Visual Artist