About Laura

My Art

I have devoted my life to both learning and working in Art and Design. My formal training is in Fashion Design with an emphasis on Haute Couture methods and a love for Fashion Illustration, as well as in Multimedia Design and Interior Design.

I’m currently concentrating on making Art Dolls and designing Cross Stitch Patterns, Original Paintings & Printables, all available in my shop

People have been using Art and Craft over centuries as a career, to protest, comfort, heal, teach, support, clothe, keep records, hide messages, claim their voices and tell their stories. These skills cannot be lost or forgotten, because it is part of our history and is interwoven and ingrained in our culture and as a Textile Artist, it is my passion and purpose to keep them alive. ~ The Laurel Witch

My lifelong obsession with Mystical and Magical storytelling and a passion for messages of Women’s Strength and Empowerment sometimes inspires me to write stories to accompany my work. The Laurel Witch, a wise Mystic, is the name I use for my writing. She represents a woman who resonates with my soul and my musings are written through her enlightened eyes.

I search for empowered women through family lineage
and stories of other strong women in our past history that inspire me.

I search for an ancestor, real or imagined, who would have perhaps been considered a Suffragette, or some semblance of one, possible great-great-great-grandmothers who could have been mistaken for Witches, Healers, Magical Women, Mystics. It’s possible one of them might have even been a Queen.

The last couple of homes we’ve lived in were built in the 1930’s and our current home was built in 1927 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where it is referred to as a “Grand Dames” heritage apartment building. Within it, I search for the ghosts of women who were Artists and Outliers, like I am today. 

Women who believe in a World of Magic and the Power of Wonder, Courage and Strength.

I search with hope to find these mystics who were in power of their own destiny and those who had a will strong enough to stand up against misogyny and patriarchy as I believe to be, again, of the upmost importance today.